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Acting Coach Joseph Pearlman

Tuesday, June 29th

5:00pm ET 

2:00pm PT 

10:00pm UK

How to Turn Your Personality Into a Superpower and Land the Gig

Join celebrity acting coach Joseph Pearlman as he shows you how to turn your personality into a superpower and guarantee audition wins. 

An actor’s personality is 90% of the performance. Learn how to instantly win over any room the moment you enter by harnessing the power of what makes you unique. The audition doesn’t begin when you start acting—it begins the second you turn up. Joseph will show you why you should never “type” yourself, but rather create the “type,” because the journey to your best acting always starts with yourself. Stop trying to guess who “they” are looking for. Assume YOU are who they’re looking for, and bring your best self to every audition and performance. 

Joseph will coach you to help magnify your personality and stand out like a flashing light every time you walk into a room.

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