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Casting Director Elaine Del Valle

Monday, April 12th

4:00pm ET 

1:00pm PT 

9:00pm UK

Debunking Audition Room Myths With Casting Professional Elaine Del Valle

Never enter an audition room looking like a newbie ever again. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to navigate audition room etiquette, terms, and successes like a pro.

As a multi-hyphenate casting director, director, producer, writer, and actor, Elaine Del Valle is well-versed on audition room myths from all sides of the figurative table. She’s here to answer all of those questions you might have been too afraid to ask until now! What does it mean when a CD asks you to do it again? Or “throw it away?” It’s all fair game!

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3:00pm ET 

12:00pm PT 

8:00pm UK

Casting Director and Casting Specialist Christine McKenna-Tirella

Tuesday, April 27th